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Fungus and moss are normal growths that can be found on roofs. There is generally a lot of fungus on roofs in spots without humidity; just due to the reason these growths help moisture. The growth of fungus and moss creates the appearance of an ignored roof and can reduce the value or attractiveness of your house. This growth appears as dark streaks and can spread very fast on the roof. They do not injure or damage asphalt shingle roofs, but they are very unsightly and most homeowners eliminate these growths. Cleaning your roof is very dangerous work though and should be performed by a roof cleaning company with a high level of expertise.

Even though roof cleaning services effectively eliminate fungus and moss, they generally return in a few months. It is best to use a power washer to clean the roof. There is an argument whether roof pressure wash cleaning can harm the shingles and cause leaks. However, if performed with good care, a power washing will not ruin a roof. The issue is that plenty of homeowners who decide to pressure wash do not perform it effectively and in a downward motion. This causes the power of the pressure washer to loosen or break shingles. When aimed downward and at a minimum of six inches away from the shingles, roof pressure wash cleaning should not destroy the roof.

Washing the roof with the proper cleaning product and hose is the best choice for safely cleaning the roof. There are large numbers of products on the market particularly designed to eliminate algae stains. Be sure to follow guidelines while using these goods. Prior to cleaning the roof, it is recommended to talk with the manufacturer of the roof if possible, to check whether it has any particular requirements on cleaning.

Oxygen bleach can be used rather than the trisodium phosphate (TSP) mixture. It is popular for lightening stains. Using oxygen bleach generally requires a certain amount of scrubbing, but it is effective for small spots with fungus or moss growth. At Perfect Pressure Cleaning, we always use the right safety precautions. This includes the proper protection such as work gloves, non-slip footwear like rubber soled shoes, safety glasses, a safety harness and also ensuring the ladder is strong and secure. Contact Perfect Pressure Cleaning today for a consultation.

Why Pressure Cleaning Your Roof Is So Important

Cleaning the house is typically on every person’s regular to do list. You clean the floors, the bathrooms, the kitchen…but how often do you clean the roof of your home? Though vital to your home’s health, cleanliness and value, cleaning the roof is not always remembered to be part of maintaining your home. This is especially true because cleaning your home’s roof is not a task you have to do very regularly. However, the importance of cleaning your home’s roof should not be neglected.

Pressure cleaning first provides an economical advantage in roof cleaning. Most roofs are expensive to install and a thorough and professional pressure wash maintains its condition; especially areas with high air humidity, pressure cleaning removes debris, moss, mold, algae, bird excrement, and lichen clinging on porous material as brick or tile, and asphalt shingles. Other areas that mold and fungus grow in are along roof lines, or under the roof where tiles meet the walls. A good pressure wash dislodges this growth, preserving the roof.

Roofs play an important role in reflecting the sun, keeping your home cool. Roofs that have mold and algae infestations do not reflect the sun’s rays. Pressure cleaning removes these infestations, helping people in Florida especially, where temperature can soar to the high 90’s. A cool roof will do its residents great service by reducing air conditioning use. This is another cost-effective method in using power cleaning.

Talking about infestation, mold and algae can spread rapidly, even entering into the air conditioning system causing further and more costly damages. It can also spread into the wood, causing rot of the roofing support. As a result of this infestation, holes in the roofing become pathways for rodents and insects. If mold or algae growth beginning from the roof starts to become an interior problem, the cost to pressure clean the roof will be nominal compared to having to correct structural damage.

If you are considering or preparing to sell your home, everyone knows the effects of curb appeal. A clean exterior will invite a client to consider a purchase with the belief the whole house is well maintained and in good shape. Even when it is checked by homeowner insurers, a clean roof, curd, deck, patio, etc., tells them the house will hold up well in case of a hurricane or storm. This certainly increases the appraisal of the house to any client.

It is typically recommended to clean the roof every two to three years. Perfect Pressure Cleaning can restore your roof to pristine and continue maintenance to ensure your roof’s health is optimal using the safest and environmentally friendly chemicals to make your home sparkle.

Perfect Pressure Cleaning In Jupiter Florida

For over 6 years, Perfect Pressure Cleaning has been Jupiter’s premier pressure cleaning company! We offer only the highest quality pressure cleaning services to the residents and businesses of Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties. The cleanliness of your home or business inside and out says a lot about you, why not make it perfect. Perfect Pressure Cleaning offers a wide range of residential pressure cleaning services to help bring out the best in your property. Our staff is experienced and uses only the safest and environmentally friendly chemicals on the market. You can trust Perfect Pressure Cleaning to offer the highest quality work at a price you can afford. We are fully licensed and insured.

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