Since the weather in South Florida is warm enough to swim in your pool almost year round, you want to make sure you keep the deck area clean or else the longer dirt settles in the hard it is to remove. Usually pools gather water stains and sediment making the decks progressively slippery which can be dangerous, especially if someone slips and falls. By keeping your pool deck clean it won’t only look good but safe too.

The perfect solution to make it safer and cleaner is to pressure was hit. Here are some tips on how to pressure wash your pool deck:

The first step is to sweep and mop the whole deck. Next is to pressure wash all stains and dirt.You can either rent or buy a pressure washer. It’s important to remember that a pressure washer is powerful. When you pressure wash the deck area you want to be careful to not damage any areas that can easily get damaged, especially nearby windows.

You may include a treatment chemical against decaying also. Make sure to do your research to use the correct chemical solution. Utilize an injector or nozzle to pour the chemical on your washer.

It is also important to use the proper protection like gloves and goggles before you pressure wash. Check the nozzles to make sure they are properly fastened to the pressure washer.

You can begin to pressure wash by spraying to a specified target point from 3-4 feet away. Some spray tips are exhorted. A 0 Spray Tip is good for concrete and metal decks.The 15”Spray Tip is useful for cleaning and stripping tip. The 25”Spray Tip can be utilized for both wood and concrete decks. The 40”Spray Tip is an extraordinary method to use since it rinses and washes down any deck and has a minimal measure of effect.

When you pressure wash, you want to thoroughly go back and forth throughout the entire deck a few times to make sure you covered all the bases. At that point wait 5-10 minutes to check if the solution is working. At that point, if it works go ahead and pressure wash your deck once again with water to flush away all chemicals. From that point let your deck dry for 48 hours before putting back any outdoor furniture or any other items.

An important reminder before using a pressure washer, especially for the first time, follow the instructions carefully so that you don’t damage the pressure washer or your pool deck.

If you don’t have the time or resources to pressure clean your pool deck on your own contact us at Perfect Pressure Cleaning for a consultation and quote at (561) 262-3125.

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