How To Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding

Are you looking for effective ways on how to pressure wash vinyl siding? If yes, then this article will give you some valuable tips. Though it is often considered a low maintenance product, vinyl siding still requires to be regularly cleaned to remove grime and dirt. In humid environments, vinyl siding may develop mildew and mold, which should be removed.
Cleaning instructions are often provided by the vinyl siding manufacturers and are normally found on the product warranty. However, if the instructions are not present, follow the process below to pressure wash your vinyl siding.

Tip #1: Using a Suitable Cleaning Solution
It is recommended you use an effective cleaning solution each time you are pressure washing vinyl siding even if you’ve treated it already with bleach. There are pressure washer models which come with a compartment meant for adding soap and/or detergents.

Once you fill the compartment with soap and water, the washer’s internal injector will properly mix them into one stream which obliterates stains. It is important you consider using cleaning solutions which have been specifically approved to be used in pressure

Tip #2: Setting Your Pressure Washer at a Low Level
Initially, it’s important you keep your pressure washer setting at a PSI of about 1,300 – 1,600 so that you can see the effect it has on your delicate vinyl. A standard electric washer that has a pressure rating of about 3,000 PSI can offer enough force, which can
clean effectively even the hard- to- reach places.

Tip #3: Increasing the Pressure Gradually
If you realize the stream is not powerful enough to make your siding decently clean, increase the pressure it produces slowly by slowly. This can be achieved by carefully adjusting the nozzle i.e. adjusting to the left for less power or to the right in case you need more power.

Tip #4: Start With a Small Section of Your Vinyl Siding
Begin at one corner of the siding while ensuring the nozzle is kept fixed in a place. Hold the nozzle steadily while it is chipping away at accumulated discoloration and dirt. You should eventually deliberately and slowly move on to surrounding areas. Make sure you continue spraying till the targeted areas are completely free of dirt and residue.
It is essential you concentrate on one spot that you see messy first in order to loosen all stubborn dried build- ups.

Tip #5: Blasting the Surface Clean
Use smooth, sweeping motions to blast the surface of your vinyl siding clean. Work your way left to right first, then up and down. Ensure the nozzle is moving and let water gradually peel away all caked- on grime. Avoid spraying in swirls, circles or any other indiscriminate pattern. This is inefficient and can leave behind easily noticeable stripes caused by the way it pushes dirt around.

You should finally end the process by looking closely for small patches of dirt or grime which you may have over- looked before rinsing your vinyl siding.

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