How to Pressure Wash Gutters

Normally it is very difficult to clean gutters in any building, residential or commercial. But you can clean even hard-to-reach locations in the gutters by using a pressure washer. The following tips can help you how to pressure wash gutters safely and effectively within no time.

Wet the gutters and foliage surrounding it
In order to clean tough stains it is necessary to use some detergent but before using a cleaning agent you should use clean water to soak everything. On one hand it will help the detergent to clean everything precisely and on the other hand it will prevent damage to the foliage surrounding the gutters by rinsing away the dirt and debris from it. While rinsing the gutters you should start with low pressure water so that dirt can be pushed away properly without damaging foliage but the gutters should also be rinsed from outside to clean it thoroughly.

Application of detergent
Now fill a liquid detergent in the tank of your pressure pump. You should dilute the solution by mixing clean water as directed, if its concentration is very high. Now you can start applying the detergent on the gutter and its outside by switching on the pressure tank. However, while applying detergent on gutter you should not face it directly as you should face the pump ahead a bit sideways of you to blow the detergent away from you. Moreover, you should not spray the detergent directly at the gutter as it will need more water to remove it later on. You should try to use minimum amount of water while rinsing the gutters as excessive use of water can help in increase the growth of mildews and molds. After covering the gutters thoroughly with detergent you should switch off your spray pump and leave the detergent for some time to work on the stains and dirt effectively.

Spray away the detergent and dirt
After sometime you can switch on your pressure nozzle at high pressure to remove the dirt and stains loosened by the detergent. While spraying away the detergent you should start from the point and in same direction in which you have started spraying detergent. It will help you to remove all the dirt and stains from the gutters. You can spray for some more time on the stubborn spots on the gutter to clean them thoroughly. After cleaning the gutter with high-pressure spray you should reduce its pressure to rinse away remaining detergent from foliage.

Clean gutters from inside
Instead of using ladder to clean the gutters form inside you can clean it easily and safely without using a ladder as it is not safe to use pressure washer while climbing on a ladder. So, instead of climbing on a ladder you can use pressure washer to clean inside of your gutters. You can use a curves attachment for this purpose as it allows you to hold its wand up to spray into the gutters directly while allowing you to stand firmly on the ground. You can start spraying away from it by holding the wand at a suitable angle to point the stream of water away from the downspout to clean the entire length of the gutter by propelling the debris with the force of water.

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