How To Pressure Clean Your Roof

How To Pressure Clean Your Roof -

When it comes to cleaning surfaces, most people find it difficult. However, with pressure cleaning and a good knowledge on how to pressure clean your roof things become easier. Pressure cleaning is a thorough cleaning process, which eradicates all types of stains from all kinds of surfaces. You can choose to pressure clean the roof of your house yourself or hire the services of an expert pressure cleaner. No matter the case, you must keep certain things in mind.

Pressure cleaning of roofs is performed using high-pressure jets of water. Acquiring the equipment is the first move in pressure cleaning your roof. You need to be sure that the machine has all the required parts or accessories such as nozzles of various sizes when you decide to hire one. It is important to note that nozzles exist in four sizes-forty, twenty-five, fifteen and zero degrees. Again, check the pressure of the water coming out of the nozzle. The pressure machine should include a pressure gauge to show the pressure setting. A good machine should be able to put out a minimum of about four gallons of water per minute.

The second step after you have acquired the appropriate equipment is to read the instruction manual. If you have any doubt, you can reach the place that you rented or bought the machine. It is important to know how the speed, pressure and volume of water can be adjusted on the machine. For safety purposes, do not permit children to handle the roof pressure cleaner. Because water pressure is quite high, the rebound velocity of water can be too strong for children to manage.

It is important that you are well protected when you use the machine. No doubt safety is of top concern. You must put on a breathing mask and goggles. Ensure the clothes that you wear covers your entire body so avoid putting on t-shirts and shorts. Inspect the machine for any oil and fuel leaks from the roof pressure cleaning machine and ensure that the hoses and the nozzles are firmly fixed to the machine prior to starting the machine.

Before starting to pressure clean your roof, clear it of everything like leaves, debris, flower pots that may be hanging on the sides of the roof and any other materials. Furthermore, make sure that the gutters are clear and are not logged-water. Keep pets and children away from the house that you are cleaning and avoid as much as possible pointing the nozzle straight at any person.

Remember the right ratio in which chemicals, disinfectants and detergents are to be combined with water. You will find the details of the mixing ration on every manufacturer’s packaging.

Hold the machine at a steady incline once you start it. Be careful when using pressure cleaning on elevated surfaces like this since the high-pressure of water can make you lose balance. For best results, you can use overlapping strokes for cleaning. Direct the water jet for a longer time in areas where there are more stains. Start with the top part of the roof and slowly, guide the nozzle down. Avoid moving up and down the slope of the roof and just clean it in a particular course.

If you wish to further treat the roof with painting or sealing after the complete cleaning, let it dry perfectly for excellent results.

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