How To Pressure Clean Your Boat

There’s nothing quite like boating. Enjoying open waters with a refreshing breeze or the excitement of catching fresh fish for dinner has no substitutes. However, owning a boat is a large responsibility that requires a lot of maintenance, especially with regular use. Lack of care can lead to major and costly repairs that most likely can be avoided if proper care is given. There are many reasons why a boat needs thorough cleaning and can be a good candidate for power washing.


Salt and brackish water can have a deteriorating effect on your boat. Some boats are made for saltwater conditions and some are made for freshwater. Though you may be able to take an inshore boat into saltwater, it must be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned following use. There are also many hard to reach areas that aren’t as easily accessible. Saltwater is able to corrode or rust metal, damage electrical wiring and fade or scratch the hull. Power washing can help to blast away abrasive salt and renew the body of the boat.

Mold & Mildew

Depending on how the boat is stored and how thoroughly the boat is rinsed after each use, mold and mildew have the potential to develop on any part of the boat. Boats are eternally wet and mold only needs a water source to thrive. If stored in a humid place, mold can be stimulated to flourish even more, even with the best intentions and attention. Power washing can help to remove any accumulated mold and mildew before it becomes a larger issue.


There can be messy elements involved in fishing. Blood and other parts of the fish can easily settle into the deck or surface of a boat and potentially bake into the wood or fiberglass on an especially sunny day. Power washing can help to loosen up this organic matter, keeping it free of unsightly debris.

Because there are delicate and mechanical parts on a boat, great care should be taken when pressure or power washing a boat. The correct pressure and attachments should be applied to all surfaces and appropriate cleaning solutions should be chosen. Trusting in the professionals to properly clean your boat can be a worthwhile choice to protect such an investment and reduce the risk of damaging any parts. Pressure and power washing can help to maintain the integrity of a boat to ensure it can be enjoyed for a long time.

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