How To Prepare Your Home For Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing gives your home the deep cleaning that it deserves. Removing dirt, grime, algae, mold, and other harmful substances from the home’s exterior, pressure washing protects the aesthetic appeal of the home, the health of everyone in the household, and saves time and hassle. Prepare your home for pressure washing before the technicians arrive by following the details below.

Secure the Windows

We all love a good blast from the water hose on a hot summer’s day – but only when we’re outside, in our bathing suits, anticipating the spray! Imagine the surprise when water from a power washer unexpectedly blasts through the windows into the home! Okay, so maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But, the gist of things is that secure windows prevent water from seeping in and causing damage galore to the interior structure, carpet, and flooring, windows, etc.

Secure the Doors

Just as securing the windows is important, so too should the doors be tightly secured before the arrival of the pressure washing technicians. Secure doors prevent water leakage into the home, which can cause the same types of damages that occur when water leaks in through the windows.

Move It and Cover It

Furniture, toys, plants and flowers, garden tools, and other items on the outside of the home should be moved to another location to prevent them from getting wet and/or sustaining water damage. Moving items before damages occur prevent worry and the need for expensive repairs!

Electricity Matters

Water and electricity are enemies who aren’t afraid to duke it out the moment they meet. Protect yourself from danger and expensive repairs by unplugging extension cords plugged in outside and by covering any outlets. Waterproof plastic covers also prevent electrical concerns and cost only a few bucks from a home improvement store.

Arrange a Playdate

Although a playdate isn’t necessary, it does keep children occupied and out of the way of the technicians at the home to pressure wash. Kids love water and can easily get in the way. This may cause injuries to small children. If you cannot arrange a playdate, make sure to keep children otherwise occupied and out of the way.

Don’t Forget the Pets

Pets may become anxious when a group of strange people come to the house. In response to their fear or worry, they may bark or show other signs of displeasure that cause them to act out in other ways. Furthermore, pets, like our kids, can unintentionally get in the way of the technician’s power washing the home and cause accidents and/or injuries.

Professional house pressure washing services protect the home and its beauty and integrity for many years ahead. Only one pressure washing service each year is needed to keep the home clean and safe for everyone in the household. Use the information above before this scheduled service to ensure the best outcome after the project is complete.

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