How Long Will It Take To Pressure Wash My Home?

Have you ever wanted to pressure wash your house? Ever wonder what the process is for it? Or how long it would take? When looking for a pressure wash service to help clean your home, there are things you need to know. Here are some things to consider:


The Time It Will Take

There are a few variables that change how long pressure washing will take. The rule is for most washes, it is about 30 minutes per 1300 square feet. What are some variables that could change this time?

  • Larger square footage- about 1300 square feet will take about 30 minutes. About 2000 square feet would take about 45 minutes or so. About 45000 square feet may take up to an hour or two depending on walls and stories.
  • Number of stories- Number of stories can have a great impact on time. There is more surface area to cover with more stories. The time won’t increase a lot but as a customer, it is important to know this is a factor.
  • Number of helpers- One person having to do everything will take a lot longer than having a team of people work together for a seamless sharing of duties. Having a team that can efficiently work together will cut down your time.
  • Experience- When a power washing service has experience, it shows. Experienced services know where to start and how long each step will take in the process.

But wait!

What is pressure washing exactly?

Pressure washing is a process where high pressure washing can clean areas that are polluted by dirt and stains, typically exteriors. Safe bleaches and chemicals are mixed with water to make your house shine. What can a pressure washer clean?

  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • Roofs
  • Doors
  • Pathways
  • Tiles
  • Windows
  • Decks
  • Room furniture
  • House

How Often Should I Pressure Wash?

The recommended time to pressure your wash your home is once a year. Just one pressure wash a year can make your home shine like new for years to come. Because this is a pressure washer and the different pressures are used specifically for the job at hand, pressure washes use less water! A great power washing company measures its water pressure in terms of pound per square inch.

If you are looking for a good pressure washing service, make sure you know what you want to clean, know what services are provided, and know how long it will take for your house to shine like new.

Make sure you are informed when it comes to your pressure washing services. Using a company that is environmentally friendly will make sure that your pressure wash is safe for you. Find a company that is fully licensed, insured, and that can give you great quality work that is affordable.

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