Can My Pool Be Pressure Washed?

There are not many more refreshing activities than a cool dip in a fresh pool, especially on a sunny day. There are also not many more unrefreshing activities than a dip in a cloudy, mucky pool. A few factors can affect the clarity and cleanliness of your swimming pool, causing it to become more opaque. Your pool’s appearance may beg you to wonder “can my pool be pressure washed?”. The great news is yes!

Most of the time, a pool with a cloudy appearance can be attributed to maintenance. Imbalanced chemicals, filtration issues and outside debris can all contribute to a pool becoming cloudy. Chlorine levels may also be low, which means that the water can’t be sanitized and germs and bacteria can cause algae or ammonia. Algae are created from microscopic spores that are everywhere outdoors and be easily transported into your pool for further growth via swimsuits, rain or pool cleaning equipment. Though algae is not a health hazard, it certainly makes for an unsightly pool appearance, turning pools into undesirable shades of green, yellow or blue-black. A thorough pressure cleaning can clear up any algae or ammonia that may have developed in your pool.

Only pools made of concrete or plaster should be pressure washed. Vinyl and fiberglass pools are not eligible as they can be damaged in the process. The pool water will first be emptied and a diluted bleach solution will be left to absorb for a short while to kill algae. The pool walls and floor will then be rinsed, some more affected areas may be treated with different nozzles and pressure.

While you are pressure cleaning your pool, it may also be an opportune time to show some attention to other outdoor areas and objects. Outdoor decks and pavers can also benefit from the deep clean of a pressure wash as well as outdoor furniture. Algae, mold and mildew can easily grow on materials like wood, stone, concrete, tile and vinyl, especially since they are kept outdoors, making them highly receptive to pressure cleaning.

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