What You Need To Know About Pressure Cleaning Clay and Concrete Roof Tiles

Is pressure cleaning going to damage your roof? Most people are concerned that the pressure used to clean clay and concrete roof tiles is too strong and can damage or loosen the shingles. Even though it is a genuine concern, this can only happen if an untrained person attempts to pressure clean the roof on their own. Pressure cleaning requires a bit of experience and training to do it properly. Below are important things you need to know about pressure cleaning clay and concrete roof tiles.

Generally, it is important to consult a professional pressure cleaning company if you want to clean your roof tiles. At Perfect Pressure Cleaning we know that different tiles and issues at hand need a different type of cleaning solutions and water jet to clean them. With a good cleaning solution and the right pressure, any roof tile can be cleaned safely with a pressure washer. Here are the benefits of pressure cleaning your clay or concrete roof tiles.

Pressure cleaning increases the life of your roof
Most people only think that the ugly appearance of mold, algae, and moss as the only problem. But the truth is that these little plants can damage your roof completely. They can eat away the base of the tiles making them loose. They will also leave your roof tiles prone to water damage. But with regular professional pressure cleaning, you can be able to keep the growth in check. You will also save money and the issue of replacing your roof prematurely.

Pressure cleaning increases your house value
A good looking house starts at the top, from the roof. With a stained roof, some people may think that the property is an old model. However, this can be avoided by having your roof pressure cleaned before putting your house on sale. Remember, a roof that is dirty is covered with black stains and algae shows a bad impression of the property. In addition, replacing a roof is a major expense that most buyers are not willing to make.

Pressure cleaning reduces energy costs
The mold, fungus and algae symptoms that occur on a roof normally absorb more heat due to the black pigmentation. Some of these symptoms keep the temperatures higher than normal preventing the reflective granules doing their job. The higher the temperature on the roof, the harder the air conditioner has to work during the hot seasons. According to numerous studies, your electricity bill can rise as much as several dollars every year if you do not take care of your roof.

Pressure cleaning will save you a lot of money
If you can compare the reasonable price of pressure cleaning, to the costs of a damaged and dirty roof, you can easily tell how much you can save. Remember, you will save on energy costs, improve your house value, and also increase the life of your roof tiles.

Contact us today for a consultation and quote to have your clay or concrete roof tiles safety cleaned by Perfect Pressure Cleaning.

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