How to Pressure Wash A Brick House

Is your house made of bricks and you are looking for pressure washing tricks that you can use to make your property sparkly clean? If the answer is yes then you’ve come to the right place. Basically, one of the best home maintenance techniques you can use is ensuring you wash your house frequently. If you are not experienced in pressure washing a brick house or you are not sure about the steps to follow, we recommend you contact us at Perfect Pressure Cleaning for a consultation and quote.

Here are some steps to follow if you want to learn about tricks considered appropriate for pressure washing a brick house:

Step #1: Patching Damaged Mortal Joints and Wetting the Brick

Begin the cleaning process by patching damaged mortal joints which are present between the bricks. This is vital since it will prevent the likelihood of water you are using from oozing behind the brick.

Once you patch mortal on the damaged mortal joints, allow the mortal sit for approximately seven days prior to pressure washing. This is crucial for maintaining the systematic cohesion of your house brick and mortal.

After the end of one week i.e. seven days after patching mortal, wet the brick. Spray water carefully on the walls of your house, starting from the base and progressing to the uppermost side. Ensure you spray the water on the walls till it is evenly spread.

Step #2: Applying Detergent and Brushing Tough Stains

The detergent you use should be specifically meant for cleaning houses made of bricks. Apply your detergent beginning from the upper side of your house to the base. Let the detergent used to settle for approximately 10 minutes before you continue.

Giving the detergent at least 10 minutes after applying it on the bricks will make it more effective at loosening dirt present on the bricks.

After the end of ten minutes, brush all the tough stains using a scrub brush.

Step #3: Rinsing and Applying Sealant

Rinse your house by applying water using a pressure washer. Move the washer in circular motions till all dirt is removed. Once you are done, let the brick dry and then finalize the process by applying a reliable sealant.

However, if you don’t have the time, equipment or experience to handle this job then contact us today for a consultation and quote at (561) 262-3125

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