Can Pressure Washing Remove Rust?

Rust is generally a trait that is unwanted. It can cause items that are meant to look clean and fresh, look old and uncared for. It can be hard to remove rust stains and it can wear away metal surfaces, making the item more weak. When things are stored outside, there’s always the potential for rust stains to develop after some time. Specific metal surfaces that are exposed to oxygen and water will cause rust to naturally occur. A higher presence of water will cause things to rust quicker but rust may still develop on items that are stored in a dry place if it conditions are humid. Though there are a few different rust removal methods to remove rust from metal surfaces, pressure washing by a professional pressure washer can be one of the most effective.

Hardy materials such as concrete and brick are not exempt from the fate of rust. Rust can come from from chemical leaks such as battery acid, fertilizer, radiator drip and water from irrigation. Both homes and businesses are capable of harboring rust. It is best to determine what the cause of rust growth is and try to fix any underlying issues there first. Commercial settings may be even more susceptible if operations include lots of metal machinery and water and can be harder to defeat on a larger scale.

While there are chemical cleaners to help remove rust from metal, these can prove to be even more corrosive and harmful. Pressure cleaning is a more natural way of removing rust that works by using pressure controlled bursts of water. Clearing away the existing rust can help to set up conditions to prevent rust from developing again. Once the affected area has been pressure cleaned and dried, priming the metal surface and using rust inhibiting paint can help to ensure rust does not grow further. Professional pressure washers know the proper pressure washer techniques in order to not damage your items and property. Trained pressure washer technicians can perform rust removal in the most efficient ways with low and high pressure wash equipment and techniques.

Pressure washing is also a superior method for removing rust because it involves less labor such as hard scrubbing and scraping and less time. As always, it is advised to consult with professional pressure washers first before undertaking any pressure washing efforts at home. Incorrect use of pressure cleaning techniques can result in damage if consideration and experience is not possessed. Even strong materials such as plastic, aluminum and wood can be harmed if care is not taken. Trained professionals also possess the knowledge to troubleshoot any harder to remove stains and the equipment to perform on a larger scale. Relying on the pressure washer professionals to handle your pressure washing projects can provide peace of mind that the job is done right and quickly.

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